Arsenal gegen bayern

arsenal gegen bayern

8. März Eine Halbzeit lang darf Arsenal auf das Wunder hoffen, doch nach einer Roten Karte landen die Bayern noch einen Kantersieg. Doch die. / · Achtelfinale · Arsenal FC, -, Bayern München · () · / · Achtelfinale · Bayern München, -, Arsenal FC · () · / · Gruppe F. Champions League Pressestimmen: Arsenal gegen Bayern. Nach dem verschossen Elfer gegen Bayern steht Arsenals Mesut Özil in England in der Kritik. 1 / Group 10 Created with Sketch. Es lief die Wir sind erst im Viertelfinale. Mehr Informationen dazu finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Zumindest Schadensbegrenzung hätten die Gunners nach dem Platzverweis doch betreiben können. Weitere Informationen hierzu und wie Sie der Verwendung dieser Technologien widersprechen können, finden Sie hier. Es sieht souverän aus, aber wir hätten es souveräner spielen müssen. Dass Arsenal in Addition der beiden ersten Halbzeiten 2: Lukas Podolski nickt zum Anschlusstreffer ein. Salto-Elfer in den Winkel. In Ermangelung verfügbarer Wunschkandidaten greift der kriselnde Werksklub zu einer Übergangslösung. Arjen Robben agiert dabei als mahnender Zeigefinger. So eine erste Halbzeit darf man nicht spielen! Mit "nachlässig, gedanklich langsam, träge, pomadig" beschrieb Hummels die Symptome des Bayern-Spiels. Die Tribünen des Emirates Stadiums waren beängstigend leer, ab der

Lots of "football's coming home" from the Bayern fans. I think it is time Wenger left Arsenal. He is trying to recreate the era of elite players who came from nowhere to become superstars..

Petite, Henry, Viera, Pires to name a few.. Problem is he has been trying to do the same for the past 8 years and the players he has been trying to mould are just leaving.

Sad but true, no trophies, time to go. I don't understand this man any more. If he says "I believe" one more time that should be what it takes for him to get sacked.

Blazes over after a Gustavo long shot was only palmed away to Szczesny. Gomez did well to get on the end of it but shot wildly, when there were men arriving in the middle.

Arsenal 1 Bayern 3 Mandzukic Just as it looked set for a storming Arsenal conclusion Bayern work a well-engineered if fortunate goal.

Madzukic drops deep to bring down a high ball then holds off Vermaelen before laying it back to Robben. He finds Lahm, uncontested on the overlap on the right, who puts it into the six yard box with fearsome speed.

Madzukic has continued his run and got in front of Sagna. The ball loops into the air, seemingly under the influence of the Bayern striker, Sagna and Szczesny, then loops fortunately over all of them and the line.

They've sent on Gustavo for Kroos, which is a defensive change straight out of the Sam Allardyce coaching manual. Excellent volley from a Walcott cross, unfortunate that it hits Neuer, who would not have had time to react.

Here's Lukas Podolski celebrating his goal:. Giroud and Rosicky on for Ramsey and Podolski. Paul Hayward on an improved second half for Arsenal:.

Paul Hayward - This new zeal from Arsenal: Toni Kroos has been majestic for Bayern. Wilshere surges towards the area but takes on a bit too much and can't get his shot away.

Podolski then beats Lahm easily and shoots from just inside the box. Literally over the top of the ball, figuratively over the top in that it was unnecessarily forthright.

That'll be a relief for Arsenal. Some no-mark called Arjen Robben replaces him. Wonderful shot from the corner of the area, flying towards the top corner, maybe slightly over Szczesny can't be sure and tips it over, then flaps at the resulting corner, but Javi Martinez heads just over.

Ramsey fouls Ribery clumsily on the edge of the box, an act that seems to delibertately draw attention to the two players' differing talent levels.

More pertinent statistical tweeting from our friends at Opta:. OptaJoe - 4 - Lukas Podolski has now scored four goals from four shots on target in the Champions League this season.

They've got to make this count, it could well be the only spell of the game in which Bayern are properly rattled. Undeserved and fortuitous goal, from a corner that should not have been awarded and was defended with hilarious, uncharacteristic ineptitude.

Muller gets the yellow card I thought he'd got earlier for a silly slide tackle on Podolski. Arsenal 1 Bayern 2 Podolski Well Shut.

That's is a goal worthy of the very worst moments from fictional Arsenal blunder videotapes presented by Danny Baker.

Some bizarre defensive decisions there. Neuer came out for a delivery nowhere near him. He was left horribly stranded, then the ball actually bounced in the six yard box, allowing a baffled Podolski to tap home.

Arsenal with about as many ideas of how to break them down as a particularly stupid hamster that has never watched a football match might have.

That's not quite fair, but it's still not looking promising for the home side. Cazorla, though, wins a corner from a long shot. Dubious to say the least, looked like he sent that wide himself.

The latest tame and untidy Arsenal attack is easily mopped up and the Germans break. Schweinsteiger has options and space to his left and right, not far from the box, but makes a rare incorrect choice and sees his pass intercepted.

Let's show some fight! Oh, you've conceded a corner, and let Bayern ping it about with ease for ages afterwards. Mertesacker sticks out an ungainly but effective leg to clear a Ribery cross from the left.

Bayern looking absolutely impeccable. Bayern get us started. Presented without further comment, here are three tweets from the blandness algorithm that masquerades for soon-to-be-former Stoke City unused subsitute Michael Owen:.

That result against Blackburn has cranked it up a notch or two. Great pitch as well. Arsenal have always had the best pitch in the league dating back to Highbury.

Disastrous first half for Arsenal, who deserve everything they've got for listless defending, poor ball retention and weakness all over the pitch.

Lee Dixon's in the building, at least. They desperately need to score the next goal. Bayern look very good indeed. See you in Beautiful cross from Lahm sadly not a croos from Kross, which I am desperate to report at some point tonight met correctly in the air by the.

Here's sums fan Gordon Rankin:. There is little evidence that Stan Kroenke has any interest or passion for football or Arsenal - he's a sports entrepreneur.

They are in danger of not qualifying for next year's tournament - personally I think Spurs will - and the Arsenal pay structure is going to get blown this summer, if they want quality players.

Those two factors mean profits will be well down in future. Conclusion - if they finish fifth this year, Wenger is on his bike.

Poor choice from a cross from the right, then Ramsey guilty of lax control which forces them back to Sczcesny from an attacking position. Harsh but funny from Twitter's David Schneider:.

David Schneider - Schoolboys now talk about making an Arsenal error. It was Schweinsteiger shown the yellow, for dissent apparently.

Here's Thomas Muller scoring Bayern's second past a depairing sprawled Szczesny:. Alaba slips, allowing Sagna to nip in. It's fed to Walcott in the middle who, as is his wont, disappoints when the situtation calls for classic strong centre forward play.

He's held up, then Arteta fails to find Cazorla in space. There's going to be a red card in this, right?

Some winning thinking from Fadi Jak:. I only hope Everton can make a push for that fourth spot. Time for a poorly-angled cross into the box!

It's actually not bad at all from Wilshere, and it lands on the considerable chest of Per Mertesacker who sets himself for a volley, but Van Buyten's there to block it.

Arsenal still on the ball. Arsenal throw, from which they win another. Ramsey tries a backheel which is blocked, but his team are still on the ball, desperately trying to hold onto it for longer than a minute and establish some kind of rhythm.

Here's Toni Kroos scoring Bayern's first:. Cazorla and Walcott fluttering down the pitch, but Cazorla misreads his team-mates run ahead of him and plays a pass that's never really on.

Neuer claims with ease. Here's your friend and mine Marc Melander:. Is the Bavarian cove in the pic holding the last trophy that Arsenal won?

Here's the voice of London football Jeremy Wilson:. Jeremy Wilson - Already feels like this could be damage limitation for Arsenal. Crazed two-footed challenge on Martinez.

This is grim stuff for Arsenal. Here's Paul Hayward from just after the first goal:. Paul Hayward - How often do you see the ball across the Arsenal defence not dealt with?

More dreamy defending allowed Kroos to smash that in. This, and poor marking from a corner for the second, are making this feel like a compilation of Arsenal's favourite goals to concede.

Arsenal 0 Bayern 2 Muller No surprise. Bayern corner, Van Buyten escapes the half-hearted attention of Mertesacker, Szczesny saves, but Ramsey on the post seems to almost move away from the line, allowing Muller to tap home from close range.

This is looking horrible for Arsenal. Arsenal can't get an error-free foot on it, even in their own half. They do have a goal kick, though. And it's back in Bayern possession almost immediately after a thoughtless hook upfield from Arteta.

Here's a lovely fellow in the Bayern end:. Mertesacker lax again, clearing straight to a man in black when looking for Arteta.

Vermaelen booked for an over-exuberant sliding challenge on Kroos, it's another Bayern free kick in dangerous territory. Lahm just about keeps him out and Bayern are almost instantly back in numbers, forcing Arsenal backwards.

Deflects off the wall. Vermaelen on the ball, crowd still giving Arsenal laudable support. It fades after Vermaelen delays his clearance, is closed down, and concedes a corner.

To answer the question of what Arsene needs to do to get sacked This Week Wenger has done a huge something!!! This week he has done something He is in it for the fight!

In Arsene We Trust! Arsenal 0 Bayern 1 Kroos Ominous movement and speed of thought as Bayern work it to Muller on the right flank.

He flashes a cross towards the edge of the box. Slightly fortunate to find Kroos on the end of it, but Toni Kroos' finish is sublime, smashing the ball into the ground and giving Szczesny no chance.

Ramsey made a half-hearted clearance which deflected it to the German. Not really good enough against a side of this calibre. It comes to little, but it's an encouraging start for the home side, their fans are roaring them forward with a sense that they can get something from this.

Clive Tyldesley is pronouncing his surname as if it rhymes with "close". I'm sure he's correct, but I'd much prefer it to be "Kroooooooz".

Wiolshere heads his delivery away, in any case. He prods it towards the danger area, and Dante stabs it back towards Neuer. Somewhat fortunate not to steer it into his own net, but the keeper deals with it.

This is not the case. Andy Dunn was at the Allianz Arena and has dished out his player ratings. Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown thinks Arsene Wenger should be seriously considering his future after tonight.

After growing in confidence throughout the first half, all of the Gunners good work was undone in the second half, as Robert Lewandowski put the hosts ahead again before a Thiago Alcantara brace put the Germans in the driving seat.

Again at the hands of Bayern Munich. However the Germans stepped it up in the second half and scored three goals in 10 minutes to kill the game, and probably the tie.

His first is to control a pass from Thiago inside and his second is a calm left-footed drive under Ospina, who has been very unlucky to let in five tonight.

The German international has not been at his best recently, hence being dropped to the bench tonight.

But Ospina is equal to it. It must be said has been superb tonight. A clear body check on Lewandowski in the box as the ball is played forward is missed by the officials.

On replay it looks like a penalty to be honest. This second half, though, the Germans have made that pressure pay and are rightly leading by three goals.

Arsenal will need to hope for a big performance in the second leg Lewandowski is played in behind the Arsenal defence and tries to round Ospina but is forced wide.

He cuts inside and shoots for goal but the Arsenal keeper gets a finger to it knocking the ball into the bar. By Jim Daly Crystal Palace writer. Video Loading Video Unavailable.

Click to play Tap to play. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now. It's hard to know what Wenger does know What now for Wenger?

Andy Dunn's assessment Plenty of fans want him to go but what will he do next? Certainly one to keep an eye on? Wenger looks like he knows his time is up, claims Lee Dixon Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger seems to know it is time to go after being thrashed by Bayern Munich , claims Lee Dixon.

We have the advantage Unsurprisingly Carlo Ancelotti is a happy man. The Bayern boss after the game said: This is only one game. The WengerOut brigade are all over Twitter of course Oh Arsene, this was not good.

This was not good at all. Elsewhere, nobody was pulling any punches. Carlo Ancelotti is playing to one hell of a tough crowd at the Allianz Arena.

Arsenal can always be relied upon to press the self destruct button. It is hard to know where Wenger goes from here. Former Arsenal stars have their say Former Arsenal players have been taking to Twitter to have their say.

Andy Dunn's assessment He can scratch for the feeblest of excuses, grasp at the filmiest of straws but Arsene Wenger is to blame. This was a capitulation, a wretched loss of heart, organisation and tactical nous.

How much more of this can he take? This is a massive low point for him. Not now, but at the end of the season. We collapsed in the second half Wenger has spoken to BT Sport after the game and this is what he had to say He told Gary Lineker: Let's see what Arsenal fans are saying As you can imagine, Arsenal Twitter is in meltdown.

Bayern Arsenal player ratings After going into the half-time dressing room level at , three second -half goals saw Arsenal slump to a defeat.

Time for Wenger to consider his future Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown thinks Arsene Wenger should be seriously considering his future after tonight.

Bayern Arsenal Literally the last result Arsenal wanted. Bayern Arsenal Muller And Muller is immediately involved, scoring with just his second touch.

This is a terrible night for the Gunners. This Champions League last 16 tie is all but over. Double Bayern sub Muller gets a five minute cameo at the end to prove himself to Ancelotti.

Ancelotti also takes off Robben, replacing him with Rafinha. Meanwhile, Kimmich is almost in on the action immediately but shanks his shot high and wide.

Meanwhile, Kimmich has replaced Costa for the home side. Gabriel is a lucky boy. The striker goes down in a heap on the floor and is helped to his feet but nothing is given.

Maybe the referee is just feeling sorry for Arsenal at this point. Coquelin off, Giroud on Wenger is going attacking here but I fear it might be too late.

Giroud, who has scored three goals in his last four games against the Germans, is on. If he can grab another it might give the Gunners hope for the second leg.

It has to be said that Bayern have been much the better team tonight. Arsenal Fan TV is going to be great tonight. Definitely worth staying up for.

Walcott on for Iwobi Wenger makes his second sub, chucking on Walcott for Iwobi. Meanwhile, Ospina saves again from Vidal to keep the score down.

And in case you were wondering how anonymous Iwobi was tonight

Mertesacker sticks out an ungainly but effective leg to clear a Ribery casino war winning strategies from the left. Arsenal throw, from which they win another. It's not all bad for the TV viewer, either. Ally Shaw - So it's a Bayern club against a Sellin club this evening. Here's Toni Kroos scoring Bayern's first:. His first is to control a pass from Thiago inside and us open finale live second is a calm fc southport drive under Ospina, who has been very unlucky to let in five tonight. This page arsenal gegen bayern automatically update every 60 seconds On Off. It's all a bit like England, isn't it? Jonathan Liew has seen into the future, and it's mostly post-match interviews:. It won't last forever. Tony Bellew Tony Bellew jokes he'll release weight-loss DVD after shedding 30lb for Oleksandr Usyk fight Bellew beat David Haye twice Wild Wolf Slot Recension - Spela online gratis eller med riktiga pengar a heavyweight before returning to the lb division for one last fight. And in Kingsman Casino Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews you were wondering how anonymous Iwobi was tonight The latest tame and untidy Arsenal attack is easily mopped up and the Germans break. Oliver Brown Jimmy Greaves deserves better from a game he served with distinction. The is mr green casino legit in general is slipping away from them too.

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Weitergekommen sind sie in London trotzdem. Lissabon gegen Dortmund, Bayern trifft auf Arsenal. Das wird ein ganz schweres Ding. Spieltag — können die Bayern die Dortmunder schlagen? Ladehemmungen, seit Tony da ist: In London steigt derweil der Druck auf Wenger weiter. Bitte melden Sie sich erneut an Login Fc southport. Deshalb dachte ich, wir würden das auch im Spiel zeigen. Zumindest Schadensbegrenzung hätten die Gunners nach dem Platzverweis doch betreiben können. Welbeck wurde auf dem Platz sofort mit Sauerstoff versorgt und minutenlang behandelt. Hier finden Sie alle Porträts und die Zusammenfassungen der Spieltage. Die Bayern träumen nach den Kantersiegen gegen Arsenal vom Titel, wissen die Erfolge aber leroy sane bruder einzuordnen. Welbeck verletzt spielsucht erfahrungsbericht wohl schwer. Es ist schon paradox. Dann teilen Sie ihn bitte in den slot lufter leise scythe Medien - und best online casino finland uns auch auf Twitter und Facebook: Dass sie es drin haben, wissen sie. Sichere Dir Sky und verpasse real madrid valencia live stream Highlights mehr. Wir verwenden auf dieser Webseite Cookies und ähnliche Technologien, um unser Angebot nutzungsfreundlicher für Sie zu gestalten. Bayer steht zum siebten Mal in die K. Torjäger der Champions League. Die Nachlässigkeiten bei den Münchnern hörten nach dem Wechsel nicht england gegen auf. Am Ende stand ein weiteres Tor-Festival auf dem Papier. Es lief die Wir sollten jetzt nicht träumen, sondern abwarten, wen wir bekommen.


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